Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Don't Think It's Just Me After All.

I have noticed that visits to my blog are decreasing, as are the comments. I've never been one to get hoardes of comments daily, unless I'm participating in a linky-love sort of post. I am okay with this, because I know that I haven't the time these days to make my rounds, leave my comment love, almost ensuring those people will come back to me in return.

All is good in my world regardless.

However, I have also noticed that many other blogs aren't getting the traffic they used to either. So, perhaps those bloggers are also too busy to make rounds, too, having the same result.

Or, even more likely, we run in tight little blogger circles. While we are all smokin' HOT bloggers for a while, at the same time, this means that we are all probably hitting blogger burnout around the same time. Most of the bloggers that I follow and tend to call friends, have reduced their blog to more of a weekly post kind of deal.

I am out of ideas. My kids read my blog, so I can't reveal the INSANE amounts of crap I got into in my formative years. I have yet to talk about my ex-fiance killing his dad, which is a facinating story, but not worth hurting his mom, who has access to, but may or may not actually read, my blog. My page has become rather boring to tell you the truth. I fire off a quick five minute post just before I crash for the night, and even this is out of obligation.

Which leads to the question, quality or quanitity? Will you still come back if it takes me a week to prepare something that will knock your socks off?

Do I follow the cliche and blame the economy? This recession that hasn't quite hit us here in Alberta yet, but has been nailing my American friends? I don't know.

Which leads me to another question. If we're in such a bind financially, why don't the powers that be just MAKE more? Seriously, if I had the wherewithal, legally, to do that, WHYTHEHECKNOT???

Rhonda - Out.


  1. I think since the weather is getting nicer people are just out doing least that is my case! Also...finally our work situation has improved!
    As far as the economy...people are fearlful and so are businesses so they stop spending money and are holding on to their most liquid!
    Banks did get bail out money but they are not increasing people's credit or lower fees even though many banks and financial institutions reported very nice profits for first quarter.
    People and businesses in America don't feel confident in the is sad!

  2. hey rhonda - i think that when bloggers are first new, they read tons of blogs and in return get tons of comments. it takes time to figure out how blogging fits into your life. more than half my family blogs. two of my sisters blog 2-3 times per week. another maybe 2-3 per month. my mom only blogs when she feels inspired. i blog 5-7 times per week. you have to do what suits you best and your true bloggy followers will read no matter what.

  3. I for one want to blog all the time. And I love reading other's blogs as a way to strengthen my views of the world and remind mysef that we are all here together and we need each others help to lift one another up and progress.

    I feel that I have fallen down as of late, but will get better.

    Quick update. I found a job! pay is miniscule compared to what I was making, but that of course was before I was making $0! Income is income so I do feel blesssed. Now I just need to not let the money side of things keep me from being the best employee they have ever had!

    You all rock! Have a great day!

  4. That's awesome BS!! I'm very happy for you and your family! What a weight lifted, no matter what kind of pay cut you have to take.

  5. Yep! I'm so in agreement with this. I love posting, I love reading...I try to make time for both...but sometimes I find myself posting when I'm tired just because I have to. I'd love to know the answer to your question too...quantity or quality...I'm polling it.

  6. Oh my trueness. I totally got burned out, especially when I realized I couldn't say what I wanted to half the time, because yes, my family would get hurt or offended or whatever. Watcha gonna do? Start a completely anonymous blog and call yourself Blogstalker?

  7. lol Summer!! I actually did start an anonymous blog!! It's way more therapeutic than my regular blog!