Thursday, April 23, 2009

ups and downs

So, I am struggling!

With depression, my increasing weight(which I think is related to the depression) and what my future may hold. It is so difficult to stay positive ALL of the time!

I am such a generally positive person and I really do see my current situation as just another test and trial of my faith that in 50 years wont matter any more......but oh brother!

Okay, back on track......what I am thinking of posting soon on the main blog is a weight loss goal and actually keep a running results towards goal. I just wonder whether it is a good idea to post something I am really motivated about but may not succeed at.......hmmm..maybe I am already allowing myself to fail....

CRAP! I have not even got started and I am talking about what will happen when I DONT succeed.!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the beginnings of the warmer weather!


  1. Pretend you have already succeeded and start writing that way. Yeah, I know. Easier said than done.

  2. I am struggling also. I had a very strong two months, and now it's been close to four overall. I am down 25 pounds to date, with 20 more to go. I suffer from the "What the hell" effect. Which is actually what it is called. You know those times, when you screw up once, and you just throw your hands up and say, "Well, there goes today's efforts! I'll start again tomorrow!" Then proceed to eat everything in sight.

    Thats me.

    Only this time, I'm not giving up. I have been struggling, but refuse to beat myself up over the little things. My new attitude has helped me immensely!

  3. I am struggeling with my's about 15 pounds which isn't alot but it's one size many of my clothes don't fit!
    I find myself sad and stressed and I end of eating things I shouldn't...which makes me sad and stressed and I end up eating things I shouldn't...which makes me sad...well y'know!

  4. i haven't exercised ALL week! but in my defense, i HAVE been busy. so, when I started the whole weightloss thing, I announced it on the blog. I didn't make too much of a big deal out of it... just posted it. Then I added my weightloss ticker to the right hand side. That way it is always there, but it's not like slapping me in the face. I say blog about it. But you should say something like, "i wanna get all of your opinions, MEN & WOMEN - what works for you?" that way you are giving nothing away...