Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Don't Think It's Just Me After All.

I have noticed that visits to my blog are decreasing, as are the comments. I've never been one to get hoardes of comments daily, unless I'm participating in a linky-love sort of post. I am okay with this, because I know that I haven't the time these days to make my rounds, leave my comment love, almost ensuring those people will come back to me in return.

All is good in my world regardless.

However, I have also noticed that many other blogs aren't getting the traffic they used to either. So, perhaps those bloggers are also too busy to make rounds, too, having the same result.

Or, even more likely, we run in tight little blogger circles. While we are all smokin' HOT bloggers for a while, at the same time, this means that we are all probably hitting blogger burnout around the same time. Most of the bloggers that I follow and tend to call friends, have reduced their blog to more of a weekly post kind of deal.

I am out of ideas. My kids read my blog, so I can't reveal the INSANE amounts of crap I got into in my formative years. I have yet to talk about my ex-fiance killing his dad, which is a facinating story, but not worth hurting his mom, who has access to, but may or may not actually read, my blog. My page has become rather boring to tell you the truth. I fire off a quick five minute post just before I crash for the night, and even this is out of obligation.

Which leads to the question, quality or quanitity? Will you still come back if it takes me a week to prepare something that will knock your socks off?

Do I follow the cliche and blame the economy? This recession that hasn't quite hit us here in Alberta yet, but has been nailing my American friends? I don't know.

Which leads me to another question. If we're in such a bind financially, why don't the powers that be just MAKE more? Seriously, if I had the wherewithal, legally, to do that, WHYTHEHECKNOT???

Rhonda - Out.

ups and downs

So, I am struggling!

With depression, my increasing weight(which I think is related to the depression) and what my future may hold. It is so difficult to stay positive ALL of the time!

I am such a generally positive person and I really do see my current situation as just another test and trial of my faith that in 50 years wont matter any more......but oh brother!

Okay, back on track......what I am thinking of posting soon on the main blog is a weight loss goal and actually keep a running results towards goal. I just wonder whether it is a good idea to post something I am really motivated about but may not succeed at.......hmmm..maybe I am already allowing myself to fail....

CRAP! I have not even got started and I am talking about what will happen when I DONT succeed.!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the beginnings of the warmer weather!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jazzercise :)

Does anyone remember Jazzercise? Exercise dancing in a leotard and tights. The 80's kind. Fluffy hair and head band or serious side ponytail. High, Medium and Low effort???? While channel flipping I happened onto one that I recall from the 80's. I've happened onto it before. I just sit and laugh. I remember we had a half hour, at least, of it before Drill Team. We started practicing at 6am back in the day. Not many schools were doing it early. We had some great leotards that went almost to our waist with the leg hole opening. Talk about funny memories. It kills me that they have them still on the air. Who really does it with them? I had enough of the bouncing, jumping, swinging my arms, kicking my feet and cheerleader run while living it. I certainly wouldn't do that now. The exercise now and then seems so funny when both are compaired. I would protest to remove it from the air if I were one of the participants unless I got some serious royalties.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Onion?

An Onion? HAHA I actually probably do as a matter of fact. There are many many layers to me. Some better than others and some that definitely make one cry.

So, I have not made this official but I was accepted into the school "program" that I applied for. yay me! Don't know just how I would handle going to school again, as old as I am and worn out to boot, but I must say I am actually excited about it.

Anyway, that is all that is new with me.

Oh, that and I am freaking poorer than poor and just hating it....but no worries....(okay, there are a few)

It's funny how I can totally realize that we need to rise and meet the trials that are put in front of us, but man, oh man I sure can become demoralized!

But carry on I will! Thank you all for the words of encouragement.

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Mystery: Question for the Ages

I think Blogstalker is like an onion; someone with many layers. Therefore, we need to peel away one layer at a time. Let's start with a window of age. Here are some clues we can gather from previous posts:

1) Blogstalker is an adult
2) Blogstalker talks a lot about fashion & music in the 80's; most likely was a teenager during this time.
3) Blogstalker has multiple children. Some are referred to as the "older children" the rest are the "younger children".
4) Blogstalker has not yet made any mention of grandchildren, so we can assume with great probability that there are not any.

All of this leads me to believe that Blogstalker is under 40. If I had to give a 5 year age-gap "guess" I would guess that Blogstalker is somewhere between the ages of 33-38.

What do YOU think?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh Blog Stalker...Who art thou?

I was so in hopes that Blog Stalker would be revealed but it would seem ...not now!

It is so funny that he/she would be able to keep his/her identity a secret as I can't keep any secrets!
I think Blog Stalker is a guy... or a girl with a very irreverent sense of humor! I think Blog Stalker is a faithful person who loves their family!
Blog Stalker has excellent taste in music...He/She likes Pink Floyd...I mean excellent taste in music!
Blog Stalker is a kind person who helps out those in the blogger community!
I may not know his/her actual identity but I know he/she uses his/her powers for GOOD!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So, ask away.

Since this is more of a private blog, (is there really such a thing?) I wanted to open it up to any questions you all have or just for more real conversations.

In my real life I am a real talker. I enjoy being a people person and just love to be the life of the party. Even when I am the butt of the joke.

I actually started this extra blog to really reveal myself and then got chicken, so decided to just have a little fun with it. I have asked those who have ever emailed me(because I needed the email address to invite as authors) to post as contributing authors.

So, post anything you want. About you, or blog stalker, or just the evils in the world, or even the goodness you see in the world.

It can be a place for short or long posts about everything or nothing. Take it the direction you want!

And have fun doing it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not sure what I'm doing

Blogstalker is a nice person with a healthy sense of self. He or she owns a computer and has the wherewithal to use it. And is cool enough to know me. I have been a fan since the stalking began. Not sure how we met, but we did. And I'm glad. :)


Blogstalker is a family person with more than one child. She/he has dual citizenship. And he/she seems well educated. AND a person who lived through the 80's.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What fun

I have to tell you, I was actually very tempted to really reveal myself but after so long I just couldn't do it.

I think those who actually put up with my blogging would be let down if they foun d out just how ordinary I am. So, I pulled the little prank and told myself,"Self, you are quite clever" Okay, i was way more flattering but you get the idea.

So if anyone finds themselves over here reading this, let me know what you think about blogstalker. This is the place to talk about your ideas on who i am etc., etc..

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Welcome My friends to the great coming out party.


Dang! All i found was this wrascally wabbit!

Aint I a stinker?