Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Melting away?

Well, I feel like I melted away and have no lifeline left. Life is a mad scramble, moving from one busy thing to the next. I find myself wondering if there is any possible way for me to be any busier. Bad idea! Because of course life then decides to show me just what busy is!

So now I find myself saying, "I cannot wait till things are not so hectic, and then I am going to really do things better and be more productive, yada, yada yada. And then I remember saying that a time or two before now. Back during the last time things were hectic. Life is a cycle. I think I realize that now. Too bad I didn't realize this so much sooner. I could of lived life more fully, as I had planned the last time I felt this busy.

Oh well, just kind venting. I miss blogging. Is it possibly an addiction if I find myself longing to spend time just reading blogs and posting? LOL

By the way, so not funny how I make so much less money now, working more than twice as much. Just does not seem fair does it!


  1. i was sort of thinking along the same lines tonight - about the cyclical events in our lives - only mine came complete with tons of tears... even as i ran to get dogfood at wal-mart at 10pm, and had to sit in the parking lot to get a grip before going in... and then of course, everyone looked at me like i was a basket case.

    seriously - if i didnt have blogging - i WOULD be a basket case. For ME it is:

    - an outlet to vent
    - an outlet to create
    - an outlet to share or uplift
    - a way to see that others are going through similiar struggles
    - a way to receive or give kind thoughts or inspiration

    it's like therapy - only it's free!

    it would only be an addiction, if (while at work) you told you boss you needed a break, and instead left to go find the nearest computer to read blogs! ;)

  2. I have been so frustrated lately that I haven't been able to blog...and I miss it!
    I hope your job is a stepping stone for you...and God is making the way for the perfect job!!!