Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Onion?

An Onion? HAHA I actually probably do as a matter of fact. There are many many layers to me. Some better than others and some that definitely make one cry.

So, I have not made this official but I was accepted into the school "program" that I applied for. yay me! Don't know just how I would handle going to school again, as old as I am and worn out to boot, but I must say I am actually excited about it.

Anyway, that is all that is new with me.

Oh, that and I am freaking poorer than poor and just hating it....but no worries....(okay, there are a few)

It's funny how I can totally realize that we need to rise and meet the trials that are put in front of us, but man, oh man I sure can become demoralized!

But carry on I will! Thank you all for the words of encouragement.

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