Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jazzercise :)

Does anyone remember Jazzercise? Exercise dancing in a leotard and tights. The 80's kind. Fluffy hair and head band or serious side ponytail. High, Medium and Low effort???? While channel flipping I happened onto one that I recall from the 80's. I've happened onto it before. I just sit and laugh. I remember we had a half hour, at least, of it before Drill Team. We started practicing at 6am back in the day. Not many schools were doing it early. We had some great leotards that went almost to our waist with the leg hole opening. Talk about funny memories. It kills me that they have them still on the air. Who really does it with them? I had enough of the bouncing, jumping, swinging my arms, kicking my feet and cheerleader run while living it. I certainly wouldn't do that now. The exercise now and then seems so funny when both are compaired. I would protest to remove it from the air if I were one of the participants unless I got some serious royalties.


  1. Too funny...I do Pilates now and while I find it difficult and hard...the rewards are pretty quick!

  2. I do remember Jazzersize! Everyone thought they looked so cool. But not now, huh?

    Too funny. I still just love the eighties. Breakdancing and all the weird styles. Does anyone remember bannan clip feather earings? for both guys and gals where I grew up.

  3. Feather earrings didn't hold in our small town. I only remember my best friend and a couple of girls in the grade younger than I. Those were the same girls who did the Olivia Newton John head bands.