Friday, July 10, 2009

Name That Vacation!

Hmmm... On Blogstalker's "regular" blog... he/she posts a statement about having returned from a "mini-vacation" and how it was practically free, and the whole family went and though they knew a handful of people, they met many more...

Any guesses???

My spidey-senses tell me it was a Family Reunion.

What do you think, Blogstalker-stalkers? If you missed the post, go HERE . Then come back to THIS blog and place your guess in the comment section.



  1. I think you are right...a family reunion OR
    maybe a conference that is work related because then work would pay!

  2. You guys are very clever. I may just have to watch myself close. Or maybe I will just let you all here in on the secret.

    But would you really want to know?

    I wonder............

    Have a great day!